Dental Implants using 3D digital Technology. Safer and More Precise.

At D’Amico Dental Care we utilize the most current 3D CAD/CAM technology to plan, place and restore implants. This is the most precise and safest way to place dental implants.The process starts with a 3D digital x-ray and a digital scan of your existing teeth and gums. Even if you do not have any teeth, the plan can still be developed. The planning process then begins by virtually placing the implant into the digital images. A plan is then developed and a very accurate surgical guide is manufactured. The guide is similar to a mouth guard and allows for very accurate placement of the implant. Most times, for single implants, we do not even have to place any sutures. Patients are often surprised at how comfortable the procedure is. This 3D planning and placement can be used to place single implants as well as multiple implants. We can replace a single tooth to an entire full mouth