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3D Implant Dentistry – The Future is Here!

3D Implant Dentistry – The Future is Here!

Welcome to 3D Implant Dentistry!

Dentistry has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. I have always been interested in adding dental implants to our list of services and procedures.

In the past, we sent all patients who needed implants to our preferred specialists. We are pleased to say that we are now offering dental implant placement here at D’Amico Dental Care.

We have integrated 3D technology to help us plan and place implants in a fully guided manner. This is the most precise method of placing implants. You see, placing implants in the past required a certain degree of chance. One needed to “feel” where the implant was being placed. Even though x-rays helped us to place the implant, x-rays are only a 2 dimensional picture. We have incorporated a Sirona Dental XG3D imaging system to help us see bone and the jaw in 3D. This image helps us to choose the type of implant to place and the best location. The information is sent to a lab that fabricates a custom and precise guide. This guide is placed on the teeth during implant placement to match the location of the 3D scan plan. We are fortunate to be working closely with Dr. Yong Koo in Wayland. Dr. Koo is an oral surgeon who we have partnered with in planning more difficult cases. He also uses 3D technology making a seamless referral when needed.

I will review types of implants and how our method of implant placement is more precise and safer.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in dental implants or has a loose/ill fitting denture, we would welcome the opportunity to show you what we can offer.