Experience Digital Dentistry

The Digital Dentistry Experience

At D’Amico Dental Care, we use state-of-the-art digital dental technology to meticulously perfect your smile.

We incorporate your unique model into the final design of your crowns, veneers or implants for a result that’s as predictable as it is beautiful. You’ll walk away with a gorgeous smile that’s healthy, functional and memorable. And the best part is, you are involved every step of the way.

Digital Smile Design

3D images taken with our Primescan allows us to digtially plan your smile even before we start.

Suresmile Orthodontics

Images taken with Primescan allow us to digitally plan your orthodntic case. Using the Suresmile system allows very predictable results.

Implant Planning and Placement

Precision, safety and predictability, these are of the utmost importance when placing dental implants. Using our 3D scanner, as well as Primescan intraoral scanner, we are able to achieve all of these when placing implants.